The Road is a video-based resource for young people to answer many of the bigger, trickier questions surrounding the Christian faith. We believe that faith in Jesus stands up to challenge and that the questions we ask won’t show Christianity up to be a hoax but make faith deeper, richer and stronger. We want to help every Christian young person understand their faith better and introduce every young person in the UK to an honest and clear representation of Jesus Christ.

The Road aims to see young people encounter the truth about Jesus, grow in confidence in their faith and be equipped to share their faith with others. We hope it is useful for young people who have little to no knowledge of Jesus but are looking for a place to start, young people wanting to ‘read up’ on their faith and as a tool for young people wanting to share their faith with others.

The Road is part of Bridge Ministries, the people behind The Bridge UK. As a ministry, we aim to enable the discipleship of young people through the provision of high quality, biblical, honest teaching, communicated in relevant ways.

The Team

Our Director


Blake Hansen, youth worker of 9 years, is Director of The Road. Blake is originally from New Zealand, having moved to England to study Biochemistry at Cambridge University. He got hooked in and has been in the UK 10 years now. He married Jo last summer, changed jobs and  now works in the International Development sector, and they're about to get a dog, so it looks like he'll be here a lot longer.


Filming and Video Gurus 

Titus Li
Gary Pitt
Tom Porteous
Simon Schofield

Editor’s – Grammar Genii
Katherine Bird
Steve Conacher
Steph Cozens
Rhiannon Follett
Jo Hansen
Ruth Holmes
Jamie Klair
Rev. Sarah McDonald
Rev. Cat Meakin
Events and Prayer
Steve Conacher
Yanah Nightingale
Social Media & Communication
George Clarke
Amy Dixon
Rhiannon Follett
Ruth Holmes
Rev. Sarah McDonald
Backing Tracks Band
Ben Lees
Tom Nelhams
Website Whizzes
James Deacon
Jeremy Paul

Directors Bridge Ministries
Rev. Sam Follett
Rev. Charlie Lamont
Ben Baker

Press Enquiries for the Road are most welcome.
If you require any special information, a direct interview or contact, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with “press” in the subject line and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please also find below an official Press Release relating to the Road’s launch.

Press Release: 07 July 2016

What is The Road?

The Road is an evangelistic and apologetic web resource for young people providing in-depth, accessible and relevant explanations of what Christians believe and why. The website holds a series of short videos written and presented by experts covering a range of core apologetic topics. The aim is to keep the message robust whilst packaged in a medium accessible to all young people. It is an interactive resource. Young people actively engage through controlling which videos they watch, submitting their own questions, or going deeper through links to recommended articles and videos.

Ten topics will be featured at first, each including a key video followed by up to three more covering specific questions. The initial topics are: The Gospel, Suffering, Science & Faith, Other Religions, Grace, Judgement & Tolerance, Church, New Atheism, The Historicity of Christianity, and The Bible. 

Why do we need The Road?

Across the country Christian young people are engaged in conversations about their faith. In Church, in school, or with friends and family young people are asked to justify and explain what they believe. They are ‘doing apologetics’ by default. Yet, maybe we aren’t that good at equipping them to have those conversations well. Maybe we haven’t given them space to grapple with these questions for themselves. Youth workers tell us these topics are hard to teach and that they struggle to find good resources to direct their young people to when tough questions are posed. At The Road we are hoping to address that need. 

What’s the vision?

The Road aims to see young people encounter the truth about Jesus, grow in confidence in their faith and be equipped to share their faith with others. The Road will be useful for young people who have little knowledge of Jesus or the Christian faith but are looking for a place to start. It will equip young people wanting to 'read up' on their faith and will support those wanting to speak out when faced with tough questions. 


We hope The Road will also be used by Christian Unions as they seek to engage schools, colleges and universities in apologetics. It could also be used by church leaders and youth workers as a resource in discipling their young people and engaging groups in discussion. 

Who’s in charge? 

The Road has been directed by Blake Hansen. Blake was a youth pastor for 9 years and is passionate about seeing young people engage in apologetics. He is joined by a team of writers, each chosen for their expertise in the topic in question. Throughout the process scripts have been edited and filmed by large team bringing with them a wealth of experience in youth work, theology and media. 

The Road is part of Bridge Ministries. You can find more about Bridge Ministries at  

How do I get there?

The Road will be previewed in Islington on Thursday 7th July, and then available online at All you need is a screen, a web browser and an internet connection.