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JamieJamie Klair has been studying theology at Cambridge for enough time that it now qualifies as a cruel and unusual punishment. He has covered Biblical languages, New Testament textual criticism, doctrine, as well as anthropology of religion. He is currently researching for his PhD on: “Evangelism among Nigerian-origin Pentecostal Churches across two continents.” In his summers, he has worked on deciphering a jumble of fifth-century Greek manuscripts that include ancient poetical texts as well as bits of the New Testament. Jamie has a midwife wife Zoe, who reminds him daily of his receding hairline, and is the real breadwinner in the family.

Books, Articles and Podcasts For Further Investigation

“Why read the Bible?” - The Bridge

“Why trust the Bible?” - Amy Orr-Ewing

“Who would base their lives on a brutal, contradictory book of fairy stories?”

Getting to grips with the Bible

“Storylines” – Andy Croft and Mike Pilavachi 

“God’s Big Picture” – Vaughan Roberts
“Godstories” - Andrew Wilson

New Testament Text/Canon

“The Case for Christ” – Lee Strobel 

“The Earliest Christian Artifacts” – Larry Hurtado

“The Reason for God: Belief In An Age of Skepticism” – Timothy Keller
(Chapter 7: You Can’t Take the Bible Literally)