The Road

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Alex LoisAlex & Lois Fergusson met as students at Cambridge where Lois was studying medicine - she worked for five years as a qualified doctor in London whilst Alex worked in the UK political sector. They moved to South Sudan as Aid Workers in Dec 2013 - coinciding with the start of the civil war (literally the night they left Heathrow). They currently are still based out of South Sudan and we are thrilled they took some time to share their experience on The Road. 

Books, Articles and Podcasts For Further Investigation

“God on Mute” – Pete Greig

“Walking with God through pain” – Timothy Keller

“The problem of pain” – CS Lewis

“The Reason for God: Belief In An Age of Skepticism” – Timothy Keller 
(Chapter 2: How could a good God allow suffering?)

“If God is good why is there so much evil in the world?”

“Why does God allow suffering?”

Bridge Articles:

“Why does God allow people to do evil?”

“Wise God” 

“A rough Job”

“”Disappointment Pt. 1”