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Judgement & Tolerance

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SteveRugby-enthusiast Steve Conacher works full time with university students at Holy Trinity Church in Cambridge. He's done a degree in Theology and Religious Studies at Cambridge University and spends lots of time studying the Bible and Christian faith. Steve is often found either watching Marvel films, reading in cafes or playing absolutely any sports he can get his hands on. 

Books, Articles and Podcasts For Further Investigation

“Paradoxology” – Krish Kandiah
(Chapters: "The Joshua Paradox" & "The Cross Paradox")

“The Reason for God” – Tim Keller
(Chapters: "How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell?" & "The Problem of Sin")

“The Intolerance of Tolerance” – D A Carson

“Eternal torment awaits those who question God's love”

“What sort of good God would send good people to hell?”

“Paedophile priests, charlatans, evangelistic millionaires…why does God allow this?”


Bridge Articles:

“Just God”

“Wrath of God” 

“What happens when we die?”

“Such a shame”