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SarahReverend Sarah McDonald is a Church of England curate working in London. She has a BA in Theology and English from Nottingham University, where she lived and worked prior to Vicar training and is rounding off an MA in Christian Leadership, specialising in a Theology of Social Media. 

Sarah is in the process of planting a Church Community in a shopping area of North London, focusing on non traditional forms of Church. She is passionate about communicating the good news of Jesus in ways that are easily accessible. In her spare time Sarah enjoys playing overly complex board games and going on outdoor adventures with her dog Tia. Oh, and she’s also the Director of Operations for Bridge Ministries

Books, Articles and Podcasts For Further Investigation

“The Intolerance of Tolerance” - Don Carson

“Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus” -  Nabeel Qureshi

“Exclusivity – how can there be just one true religion?” – by Tim Keller

“Don’t all religions basically teach the same thing?” 

“Don’t all religions lead to God?”

“Jesus Among Other Gods: The Absolute Claims of the Christian Message” - Ravi Zacharias

The Reason for God: Belief In An Age of Skepticism” – Timothy Keller
(Chapter 1: There cant be just one true religion)

“Don't all religions lead to God?”

“Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God?”

Bridge Articles:

“The Pillar Fight”

“Why are there denominations?”

“I learnt that being a good person doesn't really matter”