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NaomiNaomi Aidoo is a Londoner, born and bred! Originally from Croydon, with a four-year spell on an Eden team in Finsbury Park along the way, she now resides in Hounslow with her husband, James. Naomi was a secondary school teacher for seven years, until September 2015 when she changed to full-time, church-based ministry. Church is something she is hugely passionate about! Naomi now leads 'Kingdom Year', an intern program based at her own church, Holy Trinity Hounslow. Naomi also writes a vlog to equip people with real truth for real life at

Books, Articles and Podcasts For Further Investigation

“The Reason for God: Belief In An Age of Skepticism” – Timothy Keller
(Chapter 4: The Church is Responsible for so much Injustice)

“What about the Church?” - Alpha
“Open Doors Youth”
“Why bother with Church?” - Sam Alberry

“Punk Monk: New monasticism and the ancient art of breathing” - Andy Freeman & Pete Greig

“Eden: Called to the Streets” - Matt Wilson

Bridge Articles:

“One Body”

“Call of Duty”

“Performance Anxiety”